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Moose horns

Moose horns


SEK 135

Horns, hollow
Horn from unknown animal, 18-24 cm long.
SEK 50
Stabilized wood01-14304-022
124x41x26 mm
 SEK 150  
Ironwood is a common name for a large number of woods that have a reputation for hardness.
 SEK 400  
Rotary punch01-06040-160
 SEK 195  
Stabilized wood01-14304-025
122x42x26 mm
 SEK 150  
Mammoth tusk01-15353-055
40x20x29 mm
 SEK 250  
Mammoth tusk01-15353-054
42x20x27 mm
 SEK 250  
Mammoth molar01-15353-053
110x40x23 mm
 SEK 1,500  
Metapol blue01-15854-014
120x40x25 mm
 SEK 300  
Metapol copper01-15854-022
120x40x27 mm
 SEK 350  
Metapol silver/copper01-15854-021
120x40x25 mm
 SEK 350  
138x47x29 mm
 SEK 95  
Field dressing knifeblade, 85x25,3,5 mm01-13193-300
 SEK 290  
Cherry wood01-14303-001
130x42x37 mm
 SEK 50