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Prices: VAT is included in all prices. Quantity discounts are made directly with us. we reserve the right to change prices due to circumstances beyond our control such as amended VAT, abnormally large changes in exchange position or typographical errors.

Shipping: Counted out automatically when you place your order in the shop.

Payment: Unclaimed goods are charged with 150 -.Payment is due on delivery. Minimum order value 250 skr, included shipping and fees.

Delivery: Delivery is from stock. We reserve the right to end the sale.

Return policy: In all the goods for a full refund within 10 days, provided the item is returned undamaged. Excluding merchandise that is specially ordered to order. Customer pays for return freight and package and the goods must be sent by trackable goods.

Warranty: 1 year warranty applies to all machines. Instruments and consumables are excluded. Warranty on any product fails despite normal use. Invoice date applies.

Exports: Shipments outside the EU, such Norway, delivered to the nearest post office. Swedish VAT is deducted from the stated prices. Any customs are applicable.

Hours: Call for visit in Tyreso. 070-2118450 or 070-4649048